Watchman in Italy

THE PASTOR: Pastor Anthony O Okeke – Europe Regional Pastor

There are currently five Watchman fellowship locations in Italy. We have fellowship centres in Cessna, Padova, Ravenna and in other locations. If you are seeking people who would assist you in sharing your burdens, or people who would understand you in your struggles then in the Watchman you have found a respite. At the Watchman fellowship centres in Italy, our Lord Jesus is waiting and ready to take the heavy load from you and let you go free. All you need is to acknowledge Him.

We are interested in demonstrating genuine care for your situation as our ever loving and living God grants us grace. Why not come along with us and we will do you good for our God has spoken good concerning us?

If you need more information or if you want somebody to speak to you as a friend, we can offer a helping hand.

Our Contact Address is:
Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement
Strada Battaglia No 17 -35020 Albigasego – Padova Italy – P.lva e C.F. 92140680288
+39 3336946323

You can also write us at for details of our fellowship programmes.

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