Watchman in Ukraine

It is with a heart filled with gratitude to God, from whom all blessings flow, that the Watchman in Ukraine welcomes you to this page.

Firstly, Ukraine is a blessed country of about 47 million people. We believe that God has brought the Watchman among the people of Ukraine to raise an army of believers and fulfil in them what He has termed the “PRE-RAPTURE NECESSITIES”.

The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Vinnysta, Ukraine began in November, 2006. Since then, like the seed planted on a good soil, the fellowship has witnessed tremendous growth. In our midst are people who are hungry for the truth of God’s word and they have always gone satisfied (Matthew 5:6). We have witnessed spectacular miracles in our midst. These include the cancelling of an operation that was scheduled for a boy who had a swollen Jaw by the leading of the spirit of God in one of our Charismatic Sunday services, the immediate provision of accommodation through the power of God to a woman who had sought for one without success over a long period of time and the healing of a young man with abdominal pain leading to the cancellation of his appointment with the physician.

In our fellowship programmed God has been changing lives and visiting people. There are testimonies abounding of people being healed of fibroid and kidney problems. Many have been taken into great spiritual experiences and many more miracles.

Seeing what God has been doing in our midst you can join us. We are going somewhere and our destination is heaven for sure. We hope to update you with recent breakthroughs and open doors in God’s vineyard.

You can fellowship with us at:
Watchman Fellowship Ukraine
40 years of victory
Room 144, Hostel 5
Vinnitysa, Ukraine

For Information on service time and how to find us you can contact the following:
Pastor Paschal Obinna Ndukwu
Phone: +38 (0) 988832567, +38 (0) 638505467


Pastor Joshua Chukwuemeka Uruawuike
Phone: +38 (0) 989070175
+38 (0) 935773419

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